We grieve together the loss of life that stems from a racialized society and long history of segregation.

We lament the reality that our differences too often become the source of aggression, division, judgment and fear.  

We are compelled by the unconditional love of Jesus Christ, who seeks justice for all people.

We love and stand with our children, our families, our mentors and our neighbors, particularly people of color who have been and continue to be victims of racial discrimination and systemic oppression. We are committed to nurture these enduring relationships as ones marked by mutuality and interdependence.

We seek to partner with all people to change structures of inequity both personally and corporately, pursuing the Gospel of reconciliation that the Church has been entrusted with.

We pursue peace with a posture of humility: listening to, learning from and linking arms with our entire community confident that together we can forge a more just future for our children.