The Work of Mentoring is Never Finished (5/10)

The Work of Mentoring is Never Finished (5/10)⁠

Love ⁠
Have Fun⁠

These are just some of the actions that a Faithful Friends mentor commits to when they begin their 1 year journey with their mentee.⁠

Michelle and Robert have been doing all that – and more. But guess what!? Their journey doesn’t have to end after 1 year. They’ve decided to make a second year commitment to their mentee. To continue showing up for him for a couple hours each week. To continue to love, encourage, laugh, and listen.⁠

Almost 70% of Faithful Friends mentors continue on beyond their year commitment. ⁠

There are so many children in our city who want and need an extra loving, caring, consistent adult in their lives. The work of mentoring is never finished.⁠

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