The Work of Mentoring is Never Finished (8/10)

The Work of Mentoring is Never Finished (8/10)

“They get to see a whole new world, learn new things, and explore new environments that maybe they wouldn’t have been able to before.”

This is Janelli. She is a Resident and Community Services Coordinator with Home Forward, and her organization partners with Faithful Friends to help kids in her community get matched with mentors. She has seen first hand the impact that mentorship has had on an entire community of kids and families, and her hope for the kids that she works with is that they build lifelong relationships.

“[Mentoring] also creates a lifelong connection that goes beyond the mentor relationship. Hopefully as adults they can go back to that mentor and still have that support that the mentor provides.”

We are thankful for Janelli and all the support she helps provide families in her community. We will continue to find loving, caring, consistent mentors for the children she works with because we know the work of mentoring is never finished.