In a Challenging Season, there is Hope

Exactly one year ago today, Rebecca and Sydney* met for the very first time. ⁠

Sydney, a sweet and energetic 6 year-old, was eager for a mentor – someone just for her (who she didn’t have to share with her little brother)! An extra adult to pour into her life – to match her enthusiasm – to take her to see and experience new things. Not surprisingly, Sydney greeted Rebecca with a big hug on their match date.⁠

Since that day, Rebecca and Sydney have made so many sweet memories. They’ve read books, gone to countless parks, visited a llama farm, eaten lots of chicken nuggets, and even rode a bike for the first time.⁠

“Rebecca has brought balance to [Sydney’s] life. She is so caring,” shared Sydney’s mom.⁠

Today, Rebecca and Sydney celebrate their one year match anniversary. One year might seem like just a small drop in the ocean, but for Sydney and her family this past year has been transformational.⁠ It’s been transformational for Rebecca, too. “Being a mentor has been a life-changing experience for me. Picking up little Sydney brings me so much joy and happiness

*Child’s name has been changed for anonymity.