A Kids Book About

Thank you to our friends at A Kids Book About for providing Faithful Friends mentees with some incredible books!⁠

After reading A Kid’s Book About Bullying together, one mentor reflected – ⁠

“The purpose for this was to help him understand why people are bullies. It was hard, but I shared with him that I was once a bully because I was bullied. I thought that it was ok because I was bullied and saw other people being bullied. The main reason for reading this to him is that a while back he shared with me how was being bullied at school. I wanted him to know what to do about it. He seemed to have really enjoyed it.⁠

As mentors, we are involved in changing the lives of these children. Whether it’s giving them a “safe space” to play, be themselves, or teach them, we are changing the lives of these kids. However, I realize that it’s not just me changing his life, it’s him transforming me. I’ve gone from living a life focused on just me and my wife, to thinking about him. He looks forward to our time together. Thing is, I really enjoy spending time with him.”⁠

We are so thankful for support from our community members and for mentors who take time to talk to their mentees about the tough stuff. ⁠