About Us

We match volunteer individuals, couples, or families as mentors to kids ages 6 through 9. The mentor/mentee matches meet 3-4 times each month and commit to at least 1 year. Over 70% of our matches continue into a second year and nearly 50% into a third.

Of the children we serve:

  • 87% of kids qualify for free lunch program
  • 63% of kids live with only one parent/guardian
  • 30% of kids have one or more family members who are or have been in prison
  • 21% of kids have experienced some form of homelessness
  • 21% of kids are in foster care, have been in foster care, and/or have been adopted
  • 16% of kids are from immigrant/refugee families

We partner with the local church to find and train mentors. Each mentor enthusiastically and patiently includes a child in every day activities, building trust between true friends. We applaud and thank them for their dedication and believe both mentors and mentees are profoundly impacted by the friendship.

Program Details 3.0

Children are referred to Faithful Friends by a parent or caregiver, local schools, and other community partners. We believe that the lives of our mentees will be forever changed by their participation in this program. The children and their families in turn change our mentors’ lives by giving their time, attention, and friendship. We care for, nurture, support, and protect them in every way possible.

The parents and guardians of the children we serve give us a precious gift – the opportunity to spend time with their child. They are the most important people in the child’s life. We respect them, thank them for this opportunity, and seek to champion them as they do the incredible work of raising children.