Save The Date! Be a Rock 2020

October 8th, 2020 at 7pm we will be hosting our fourth annual “Be a Rock” fundraiser auction! Help us celebrate Faithful Friends for the first time Virtually!  Keep your calendars open for a great evening of celebration and an opportunity to bid on some amazing and unique auction packages! To learn more check out the “Be a Rock” tab at the top of our website!FF_BeARock2020_SocialPost

Our Mission at Faithful Friends

Check out our new updated mission statement! At Faithful Friends we embrace our challenges as opportunities to adapt but we stay true to the core of who we are and what our purpose is! Our mission is to cultivate mentor relationships that inspire growth, resilience, and hope.



While our children are facing a pandemic during the most formative years of their life; our mentors and staff are continuing to adapt to the needs in our community. The drive and willingness to adapt from our mentors inspires hope in our children. At Faithful Friends we will always protect and guide the children we serve. With the uncertainty of school conditions in the fall, we choose to see this as an opportunity to step in and make a drastic change in the lives of children in Portland Oregon.


The Heart of Mentoring

A Mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.

Mentoring is more than trying to help a person succeed in areas of their life. A mentor is someone that is there even when you don’t succeed. A mentor sees the value in you despite any accomplishments you may or may not have. Mentoring often is explained as something that benefits only the child that is being mentored. 100% of our mentors claim that they experience Growth in their life and in their faith after mentoring. Walking alongside a child through the ups and downs of their life has a significant impact on our mentors as well as our mentees.




Do you want to become a Mentor!?

Mentoring brings so much joy to our mentors as well as our mentees. Having a caring and trusted adult set aside time for a child every single week has an immense impact on them! At Faithful Friends we value consistency, community, and the uniqueness of every person. If this is something you want to be a part of click “Get Involved” under our website menu and fill out a form! Our next informational session will be held via zoom on July 29th so get your form in before then!

Thank you Echo-Ranch!

Echo-Ranch has partnered with us since the beginning! They are another outstanding non-profit organization that takes in horses that have suffered neglect or abuse in their past and restores them back to health with grooming, riding and liberty work. Faithful Friends mentees have had amazing experiences getting to ride and be around these majestic animals that have overcome many challenges just like many of our children have. We could not be more thankful for this worthwhile partnership!


Today we acknowledge Ted and his mentee as they celebrate three years of mentoring! We are so thankful for mentors like Ted that put all they have into their mentoring relationship. Of the many adventures that Ted and his mentee have experienced some of those include football games, bee keeping, and car shows. Not many children get to experience so many awesome things! Ted really understands the heart of our program and we are so thankful for his consistency in showing up and giving his time to a child every week for three years!

Thank you Ted!





To the families of color that we serve; we stand with you in celebration in remembrance that on this day in 1865 General Gordon Granger declared that all enslaved people were now FREE. All of the children that we serve are Valuable, Beautiful, Precious Children of God! Let us look with hope toward a bright future for our children and children’s children to come.

Tonight followers of Jesus will be gathering south of Steele Bridge along the Portland waterfront for a Juneteenth Prayer Vigil from 5:30-7pm. If you
plan on attending please wear a mask and know that this will be a beautiful time of prayer and hearing from our black and brown brothers and sisters.


We Celebrate Another Match Anniversary!

Today we acknowledge Melissa and Andrew for celebrating three years of mentoring! They are a superb example of what it looks like to be consistent in the life of a child. They were matched with their mentee in May of 2017. Six months in, their mentee was still very shy and quiet. Now three years after being matched they have done so much together! With soccer games, car shows, and pumpkin carving, their friendship has blossomed into a beautiful example of what a true friend really looks like! Thank you Melissa and Andrew!