A Record Breaking Month!

We broke a record this month! SIX new matches (one not pictured ūüė≠) were made this May.

With hearts full of gratitude, we say THANK YOU to so many who make this work possible.

Look at all these smiling faces! Six more children are now meeting up with a mentor on a weekly basis.

Not to mention, we SURPASSED our Get Movin’ May goal! Our community came together to raise more than $40,000.

Thank you for helping us move mentoring forward.


New Match!

New match alert! ūü•≥ūü§ó

Brian and Pamela, both teachers, are going on their very first outing today with their new friend Sam*. While getting to know Sam and his family, we found out that he loves motorcycles. It just so happens that Brian just got one! Even though they won’t be riding the motorcycle together, they’ll get to share that interest and curiosity.

Today these three are going to grab bite to eat and head to the park to play. The simplicity of this outing is what Faithful Friends is all about – the little moments that will make a big impact in the life of a child.

This month, we’ve made 4 new matches. That means 4 more children are getting one-on-one attention once a week. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to help create these lifelong friendships.

*Child’s name has been changed for anonymity.


Happy Easter!

We hope everyone had a great Easter!

Lynn and Iris* decorated eggs as unicorns and then headed out to Echo Rancho to ride horses. This amazing match loves spending time outside hiking and exploring.

They’ll be great role models during our upcoming virtual movement challenge – Get Movin’ May. Check the link in our bio to get involved in the challenge!

*Child’s name has been changed for anonymity


Get Movin’ May!

Mark your calendar for Faithful Friends’ first virtual fundraising challenge! This May gather your friends, family, coworkers, and community members and challenge yourself to MOVE!

Each participant will choose a movement goal and a fundraising goal to help us MOVE MENTORING FORWARD!

Registration and more information coming on March 15th. In the meantime, click HERE to check out our event website.

A Kids Book About

Thank you to our friends at¬†A Kids Book About¬†for providing Faithful Friends mentees with some incredible books!‚Ā†
After reading A Kid’s Book About Bullying together, one mentor reflected – ‚Ā†
“The purpose for this was to help him understand why people are bullies. It was hard, but I shared with him that I was once a bully because I was bullied. I thought that it was ok because I was bullied and saw other people being bullied. The main reason for reading this to him is that a while back he shared with me how was being bullied at school. I wanted him to know what to do about it. He seemed to have really enjoyed it.‚Ā†
As mentors, we are involved in changing the lives of these children. Whether it’s giving them a “safe space” to play, be themselves, or teach them, we are changing the lives of these kids. However, I realize that it’s not just me changing his life, it’s him transforming me. I’ve gone from living a life focused on just me and my wife, to thinking about him. He looks forward to our time together. Thing is, I really enjoy spending time with him.”‚Ā†
We are so thankful for support from our community members and for mentors who take time to talk to their mentees about the tough stuff. ‚Ā†


Community Partner Highlight – Echo Ranch

We are so grateful for our partnership with Echo Ranch in Damascus.

For more than 4 years, Echo Ranch has generously hosted Faithful Friends matches for horseback riding, tea parties, bird house building, carnivals, crafts, and more.

Outside of these special events, some of our matches have built Echo ranch into their normal routine. Glennie and her mentee often visit the ranch to help out with the horses.

Echo Ranch is a special place that has offered the opportunity for so many of our mentees to experience ranch life and horseback riding – many for the very first time.

Thank you, Echo Ranch, for being a place of support and encouragement.

Visit Echo Ranch at

Thank You For Your Partnership in 2020!

We close 2020 with deep gratitude for your generosity that has allowed us to serve over 75 kids this year. Lives are still being transformed in the midst of unprecedented challenges and we cannot thank you enough for your partnership!
In spite of the difficulties we all faced, Faithful Friends mentors continued to walk alongside their mentees and¬†mentee’s families. We¬†believe that¬†the work of mentoring is never finished, which is why mentors¬†adapted to online “outings”,¬†delivered meals in a socially distanced way, dropped off coats and other necessities when families were financially hurt by the pandemic, got creative with outdoor socially distanced activities, wore masks, and¬†never stopped showing up¬†– even if it was in an unconventional way!
None of this would have happened without you! A mentor shows up every week, builds a relationship, and inspires hope. Now more than ever children need an extra loving, caring, consistent adult who will show up no matter what. Between isolation from friends, remote learning, a lack of extracurricular activities, and the every-day limitations that COVID19 have put on so many families, the children in our city need mentorship. 
Your end of year gift will help us match the  70 plus children on our list who are waiting for their very own mentor. 
Please join us as we continue to cultivate mentor relationships that inspire growth, resilience, and hope. Early intervention through mentor relationships transforms individual lives, families, communities, and generations!

If you’ve already given this season, thank you! If not, there is still time to inspire hope in a child’s life.
Thank you for joining us!

Check out Door of Hope NE sharing the inspiring story of Rachel and Biana
and the mutual impact of their 6 year friendship.

In a Challenging Season, there is Hope

Exactly one year ago today, Rebecca and Sydney* met for the very first time. ‚Ā†
Sydney, a sweet and energetic¬†6 year-old, was eager for a mentor – someone just for her (who she¬†didn’t have to share with her little brother)!¬†An extra¬†adult to pour into her life – to match her enthusiasm – to take her¬†to see and experience new things. Not¬†surprisingly, Sydney greeted Rebecca with a big hug on their match date.‚Ā†
Since that day, Rebecca and Sydney have made so many sweet memories. They’ve read books, gone to countless parks, visited a llama farm, eaten lots of¬†chicken nuggets, and even rode a bike for the first time.‚Ā†
“Rebecca has brought balance to [Sydney’s]¬†life. She is so caring,”¬†shared Sydney’s mom.‚Ā†
Today, Rebecca and Sydney¬†celebrate their one year match anniversary. One year might seem like just a small drop in the ocean, but for Sydney and her family this past year has been transformational.‚Ā† It’s been transformational for Rebecca, too.¬†“Being a mentor has been a life-changing experience for me. Picking up little Sydney brings me so much joy and happiness.¬†

*Child’s name has been changed for anonymity.