Why support Faithful Friends?

Here are two brand new mentor matches that were made just last week! Faithful Friends is continuing to match children in the Portland Metro area despite challenges due to Covid 19. Our program staff has been working diligently to adapt in order to continue matching children. Covid 19 has caused Faithful Friends to lose many of our child referral sources as well as prevented us from sharing our Faithful Friends story in person in churches throughout the city. Surprisingly enough, we have seen great turnout in our mentor trainings during the pandemic. We truly believe that the Lord has provided these mentors during this time because the need is greater than ever. In exactly one week from today our “Be a Rock in a Child’s Life” auction will be live. If you are looking for a way to be part of the Faithful Friends story, join us on October 8th by watching our live “Be a Rock” inspiring program and auction. Our auction packages will go live and be available starting on October 1st up until the live event on the 8th. Don’t miss out on free charcuterie and wine for you and your friends and sign up to host a watch party by September 28th (this coming Monday)!

Men Leading Future Men

Faithful Friends Family,

The blue dots in this photo represent the boys in our community that are waiting for a mentor. As you can see from this photo, the need for male mentors is huge! 67% of our mentor inquiries come from women while only 17% of our inquiries come from men, and the last 16% from couples. Last year 64% of our children came from a single parent household. The majority of these households were single mother or grandmother households. Our young men are the future and we would love to introduce a positive male mentor into their lives to walk alongside them through the joys and hardships that come with being a male in our society today.

Pure Joy

While this summer was unusual, our mentors and youth were still able to find moments of joy doing meaningful activities together. Hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding were some of the many ways that our matches were able to connect through the challenges life presents.

Happy Birthday Duncan!

Duncan Campbell Founder of Faithful Friends

Happy Belated Birthday to our founder Duncan Campbell! Because of Duncan’s life experiences, a great passion for mentoring was ignited. Now because of that passion and action, children all over the globe have been transformed through Duncan’s vision of stepping into the shadows and walking alongside a child that needs it. Duncan has received many awards as well as written a book, “The Art of Being There”. Duncan we are so incredibly thankful for your heart for children! Duncan is not only the founder of Faithful Friends but also the founder of Friends of the Children.

Drone Fun!

One of our fantastic couple matches have been teaching their mentee how to fly a drone the last couple weeks. Positive experiences like this are fun and encourage exploration and growth in children. They provide opportunities for children to learn to play with others, to benefit from good adult role models, and to develop new skills.

Interview with Tanya

One of our mentors Tanya was recently featured in an article for Gravity. Tanya has a huge heart for children and impacting their lives. Not only is Tanya a mentor but a foster mom. In this article Tanya shares her heart and her experiences on her journey to mentoring children. Tanya was matched with her mentee in 2016 and is now a Forever Friend. “The goal of the program is to let kids be kids,” Tanya says speaking of Faithful Friends. Click on the link to read more of her story.