We grieve together the loss of life that stems from a racialized society and long history of segregation.

We lament the reality that our differences too often become the source of aggression, division, judgment and fear.  

We are compelled by the unconditional love of Jesus Christ, who seeks justice for all people.

We love and stand with our children, our families, our mentors and our neighbors, particularly people of color who have been and continue to be victims of racial discrimination and systemic oppression. We are committed to nurture these enduring relationships as ones marked by mutuality and interdependence.

We seek to partner with all people to change structures of inequity both personally and corporately, pursuing the Gospel of reconciliation that the Church has been entrusted with.

We pursue peace with a posture of humility: listening to, learning from and linking arms with our entire community confident that together we can forge a more just future for our children.

Mentoring Through Covid-19

Mentoring through Covid-19 has been no easy task for our mentors. With schools and activities being closed for kids, our families that we serve are facing challenges they have never had to face before.

Thankfully we have a group of amazing mentors that are willing to adapt when life gets crazy! Here is a picture of our Mentor Audrey delivering pizza to her mentee. From delivering pizza, to celebrating a birthday social distance style, to setting up a treasure hunt over zoom; our mentors have really stepped up their game to be there for their mentees.

Because of the diligence of our mentors even a pandemic cannot prevent us from supporting the children and families that we serve.


Audrey delivering pizza

A New Chapter


Faithful Friends Family!

As you may know, I am transitioning out of the role, Executive Director of Faithful Friends.

As much as I know the Lord called me to Faithful Friends, He has also confirmed it is time for me to leave. I heard from the Lord last August and I wrestled with it for a while, not telling anyone and hoping it would go away. I know our God is a God of confirmation and when He speaks He will confirm it. I asked Him to speak to my wife about it and sure enough He did… I am stepping out in total faith, not going to another position or organization. I am so excited to rest in Him in ways I have not before.

I look forward to watching Faithful in this next season. We have grown abundantly and have reached many people in Christ!
The team and I are delighted to introduce you to our new Executive Director Brianna Woods. She is passionate about our mission and brings tremendous experience to our team and community. Here is a note from Brianna.

In this next season, I want to encourage us to stay engage in the mission of Faithful Friends.  Together we will see change in the stories of the next generation. Take a hold of it, share it and always know the Lord is doing a great work as we show up in the lives of children and families. Because of your support, children are going to grow up, look back at their lives and say,  “Wow, if I didn’t have that special friend I don’t know where I would be”.
Sending you love and support as you continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus to children, families and the community.

Justin Tucker
Ephesians 3:16-21

Mentor Receives Citizen Award

Bill Russell Receives Portland’s First Citizen Award

Aril 26, 2018

In our Mentor Spotlight we a want to congratulate and honor Bill Russell who received Portland’s first citizen award. Bill and his wife Tamara have been working with Portland’s most vulnerable communities for over 30 years. Their hearts for serving others has brought so much change to the Northwest.

We have been so blessed to have Bill and Tamara as a part of Faithful Friends over the past three years. When they came to training, they wanted to do something that takes a preventive approach and saw Faithful Friends was an opportunity to do so.  They where matched with an awesome young man from the Rockwood area. With weekly outings, they began to build a strong bond with their mentee and his family. They have been a rock through the ups and downs in this young man’s life. They have traveled from Gresham to Beaverton to make sure they get quality time with their mentee. They have explored the city together, cooked together, learned how to play music together, and most importantly, they have shown up in this child’s life over and over again. When you see Bill and Tamara on an outing with their mentee you can almost feel the strong connection that they have with one another.

We want to congratulate Bill on this amazing and well-deserved award. We believe no one is more deserving. We want to highlight and thank Bill and Tamara for everything they have put into Faithful Friends and our community. Please check out some cool photos and video of this amazing match we have.

For more information on the other great work Bill is doing as the Executive Director at the Union Gospel Mission please visit: