Community Partner Highlight – Echo Ranch

We are so grateful for our partnership with Echo Ranch in Damascus.

For more than 4 years, Echo Ranch has generously hosted Faithful Friends matches for horseback riding, tea parties, bird house building, carnivals, crafts, and more.

Outside of these special events, some of our matches have built Echo ranch into their normal routine. Glennie and her mentee often visit the ranch to help out with the horses.

Echo Ranch is a special place that has offered the opportunity for so many of our mentees to experience ranch life and horseback riding – many for the very first time.

Thank you, Echo Ranch, for being a place of support and encouragement.

Visit Echo Ranch at

Thank You For Your Partnership in 2020!

We close 2020 with deep gratitude for your generosity that has allowed us to serve over 75 kids this year. Lives are still being transformed in the midst of unprecedented challenges and we cannot thank you enough for your partnership!
In spite of the difficulties we all faced, Faithful Friends mentors continued to walk alongside their mentees and mentee’s families. We believe that the work of mentoring is never finished, which is why mentors adapted to online “outings”, delivered meals in a socially distanced way, dropped off coats and other necessities when families were financially hurt by the pandemic, got creative with outdoor socially distanced activities, wore masks, and never stopped showing up – even if it was in an unconventional way!
None of this would have happened without you! A mentor shows up every week, builds a relationship, and inspires hope. Now more than ever children need an extra loving, caring, consistent adult who will show up no matter what. Between isolation from friends, remote learning, a lack of extracurricular activities, and the every-day limitations that COVID19 have put on so many families, the children in our city need mentorship
Your end of year gift will help us match the  70 plus children on our list who are waiting for their very own mentor. 
Please join us as we continue to cultivate mentor relationships that inspire growth, resilience, and hope. Early intervention through mentor relationships transforms individual lives, families, communities, and generations!

If you’ve already given this season, thank you! If not, there is still time to inspire hope in a child’s life.
Thank you for joining us!

Check out Door of Hope NE sharing the inspiring story of Rachel and Biana
and the mutual impact of their 6 year friendship.

In a Challenging Season, there is Hope

Exactly one year ago today, Rebecca and Sydney* met for the very first time. ⁠

Sydney, a sweet and energetic 6 year-old, was eager for a mentor – someone just for her (who she didn’t have to share with her little brother)! An extra adult to pour into her life – to match her enthusiasm – to take her to see and experience new things. Not surprisingly, Sydney greeted Rebecca with a big hug on their match date.⁠

Since that day, Rebecca and Sydney have made so many sweet memories. They’ve read books, gone to countless parks, visited a llama farm, eaten lots of chicken nuggets, and even rode a bike for the first time.⁠

“Rebecca has brought balance to [Sydney’s] life. She is so caring,” shared Sydney’s mom.⁠

Today, Rebecca and Sydney celebrate their one year match anniversary. One year might seem like just a small drop in the ocean, but for Sydney and her family this past year has been transformational.⁠ It’s been transformational for Rebecca, too. “Being a mentor has been a life-changing experience for me. Picking up little Sydney brings me so much joy and happiness

*Child’s name has been changed for anonymity.

The Work of Mentoring is Never Finished (10/10)

“It’s like having your own best friend!”

This outgoing and confident young girl has been matched with her mentors Jane and Kevin for over 4 years. 

Like any friendship, theirs has been a journey of growth. Jane and Kevin have watched Majesty grow up, blossom into a performer, an artist, and a young woman of faith. There have been bumps along the way, but both have been steadfast and intentional with every minute they spend with Majesty – they know that the work of mentoring is never really finished. 

Over the past 4 years, Jane and Majesty have written and performed countless puppet shows for neighbors, family members, and even for supporters at a Faithful Friends gala. Recently, they finished one of their many sewing projects – an entire halloween costume.

This is just one mentor/mentee match that has turned into so much more than a one-year committment. This is a friendship, a relationship of mutual trust, enjoyment, and growth. 

Today, on this Giving Tuesday, support Faithful Friends. We are committed to cultivating mentor relationships like this one – that inspire growth, resilience, and hope. 



The Work of Mentoring is Never Finished (8/10)

The Work of Mentoring is Never Finished (8/10)

“They get to see a whole new world, learn new things, and explore new environments that maybe they wouldn’t have been able to before.”

This is Janelli. She is a Resident and Community Services Coordinator with Home Forward, and her organization partners with Faithful Friends to help kids in her community get matched with mentors. She has seen first hand the impact that mentorship has had on an entire community of kids and families, and her hope for the kids that she works with is that they build lifelong relationships.

“[Mentoring] also creates a lifelong connection that goes beyond the mentor relationship. Hopefully as adults they can go back to that mentor and still have that support that the mentor provides.”

We are thankful for Janelli and all the support she helps provide families in her community. We will continue to find loving, caring, consistent mentors for the children she works with because we know the work of mentoring is never finished.


The Work of Mentoring is Never Finished (7/10)

The Work of Mentoring is Never Finished (7/10)⁠

“It’s having those first time experiences together that has been the most special.”⁠

Osdale and her mentee are coming up on their one year match anniversary. That means that almost 3/4 of their time together has been spent virtually because of the COVID19 pandemic. ⁠

Before going virtual, these two went on plenty of adventures. From zoo lights and skiing on the mountain, to fairs at the convention center, they were having all sorts of new experiences together. “There’s a lot of places I probably wouldn’t go with anyone else, and those are usually places she hasn’t been either. Like the Children’s Museum. That was a new experience for both of us. I think it’s having those first time experiences together that has been the most special.” ⁠

Since meeting virtually, Osdale noticed that her mentee has been spending a ton of time playing video games and watching videos on her tablet. “Recently we watched a Netflix show together over video. It was the one about a guy who documents his experience with this octopus. It’s actually pretty educational, and its something she wouldn’t watch on her own. We watch and then have a conversation about it afterward.” ⁠

2020 has been all about adapting. We are so thankful for our mentors who have adapted their outings so they can continue being a consistent presence in the life of their mentee. The work of mentoring is never finished.⁠

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The Work of Mentoring is Never Finished (6/10)

The Work of Mentoring is Never Finished (6/10)⁠

“It’s everything he needs as a young man, and we’re super grateful.”⁠ ⁠

Going on bike rides is a favorite activity for Jamie and Andrew*. ⁠ ⁠

“I’m a single mom…and I have this beautiful boy who really needed some male influence in his life. I’m really grateful for the match for that reason.⁠ ⁠ They rode 10 miles down to Cathedral Park. I’d never do that! They’re fearless, they’re active, and Jamie pushes him. It’s everything he needs as a young man, and we’re super grateful,” shares Andrew’s mom. ⁠ ⁠

Caring for children is one of Faithful’s core values. Sometimes that looks like helping kids find their joy, recognize their passions, and see their strengths. ⁠ ⁠

Happy two year match anniversary to this bike-riding duo, and thank you to Jamie who has committed to continuing his friendship with his mentee. The work of mentoring is never finished. ⁠ ⁠

#lovechildren #consistency #findyourjoy ⁠ ⁠

*Child’s name has been changed for anonymity. ⁠

The Work of Mentoring is Never Finished (5/10)

The Work of Mentoring is Never Finished (5/10)⁠

Love ⁠
Have Fun⁠

These are just some of the actions that a Faithful Friends mentor commits to when they begin their 1 year journey with their mentee.⁠

Michelle and Robert have been doing all that – and more. But guess what!? Their journey doesn’t have to end after 1 year. They’ve decided to make a second year commitment to their mentee. To continue showing up for him for a couple hours each week. To continue to love, encourage, laugh, and listen.⁠

Almost 70% of Faithful Friends mentors continue on beyond their year commitment. ⁠

There are so many children in our city who want and need an extra loving, caring, consistent adult in their lives. The work of mentoring is never finished.⁠

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