Mentoring During COVID

We know that the recent months have been very challenging at many levels and recognize that each person’s experience, emotions, thoughts, and feelings about everything relating to COVID varies greatly. But what has remained consistent are the reports we hear from our mentors, demonstrating their earnest desire, creativity and perseverance to support our kids in whatever way possible. We have been massively encouraged by their diligent efforts to deepen relationship during such a trying time!

As we begin meeting up with our mentees in person again we want to share some ideas for activities. Here is a list of ideas (mostly based on activities that mentors have already done)! We hope you find this helpful. To all our mentors: We’d love to hear any ideas you have so please share in your mentor logs or email us! 

Reopening Phase 1 Activities:  

  • Bring some chalk on a walk and color with chalk as you go
    • Create an obstacle course
    • Draw hopscotch
  • Play “I Spy” while on a walk
  • Create a scavenger hunt that you can participate in while on a walk. Here is an example 
  • Bring some gardening materials and plant some flowers or vegetables
  • Go on a bike ride in neighborhood
  • Find a neighborhood library and donate a book or get a book. Type in your zip code to find the ones in your neighborhood- Little Free Libraries
  • Walk to a park (frisbee, tennis, basketball, cards)
  • Check out the Free Lunch program at Portland Parks activities 
  • Have a picnic in your yard, your mentee’s yard/complex playground, or at a park
  • Have a water balloon fight

Shelter-In-Place Activities:

  • Drop off a pizza at your mentees house and then video chat while eating from your own homes
  • Drop off ingredients and make the same meal over video together
  • Mail some coloring pages to your mentee and then color them together over video chat
  • Mail a letter to your mentee and include materials for them to write you one back
  • Have a “talent show” over video chat
  • Have “show and tell” over video chat
  • Play pictionary on Zoom (there is a whiteboard function for drawing and here is a website that generates pictionary words for you).
  • Play charades over video chat
  • Play 20 Questions over video chat
  • Have a dance party over video chat
  • Play Scattegories over video. Here is a website you can use to play. 
  • Watch an online video together to learn a skill (like juggling!)
  • Learn a magic trick together over video chat