Every Child Matters

Faithful Friends is a faith-based mentoring program that provides children support through relationships that encourage them to thrive in their hopes and dreams. Our program matches volunteer individuals, couples, and families with children starting at the ages of 6 – 9 for mentoring relationships. The mentor/mentee matches meet 3-4 times each month for at least one year. This relationship can, and often does, continue after the initial year. Activities between the mentor and mentee are a collaborative decision – the child is included in the mentor’s everyday activities. This may mean cooking a meal together or going to the park. It may also include helping the child with academic, artistic, social, and other life skills. Children are referred to Faithful Friends by a parent or caregiver, local schools, and other community partners who believe the child’s life will be enriched by an additional caring relationship. We work directly with parents weekly to help their child thrive.

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Bill Russell Receives Portland’s First Citizen Award

In our Mentor Spotlight we a want to congratulate and honor Bill Russell who received Portland’s first citizen award. Bill and his wife Tamara have been working with Portland’s most vulnerable communities for over 30 years. Their hearts for serving others has brought so much change to the Northwest. We have been so blessed to … Continue reading Bill Russell Receives Portland’s First Citizen Award

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